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People often refer to the human raising a dog as their ‘Owner.’  Legally that’s right, but having a happy and healthy puppy you love and adore takes more than ownership.  We have to discover, practice and explore the ways to raise and nurture them too.  To parent is to love. 

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Being a pet parent is a great responsibility and can be incredibly rewarding.  We also get out of it what we put in…It is down to us to provide guidance, establish and teach boundaries, build confidence, provide enrichment, and nurture our new puppy (and let’s be honest, that does require a bucket load of patience).  These are also just some of the ingredients that go into creating a happy, healthy, and well-balanced animal. 

All animals, including humans, have developmental limits – brains can only learn so much at a time, especially while they’re still developing and growing.  So a great pet parent knows to work at the dog’s pace, never expecting too much too soon.  This means we set ourselves and our puppy realistic goals and time, and the benefit here is that it removes frustration from the process. 

However, it can be a challenge for new puppy owners to find appropiate up-to-date information on how to tackle common issues such as puppy biting, jumping up, toilet training, how to settle puppies overnight and when we leave the house, and also what to teach and how to teach our puppy key life skills, that make set them and you up for success.

To help owners have the very best advice at their fingers tips, I have put together my online modular course aimed at new puppy owners which covers common puppy problems, provides guidance and advice on how to create awesome behaviours such as solid stays, rocket recalls, to teaching them how to leave items, drop items, start to learn to walk on a loose lead, and build resilience and coping skills across different contexts. My Puppy Package provides guided learning via lessons, videos, ‘how to….’, handouts, other downloadable materials, and more.

The Puppy Package is a puppy parent’s one-stop shop for everything puppy-related! Once you’ve completed the course, let us know and you’ll be sent your Puppy Package rosette to proudly display to all.

Check out the course via my online Learning Hub and start you and your puppy’s learning journey today. And, keep checking back to the Hub for more courses being added over the coming weeks.

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