Hanne Grice Dip, BA (Hons), MSc (Distinction) ABTC-CAB – is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Training Instructor, Animal Sciences Lecturer, published author, and founder of the award-winning pet behaviour company Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour.

A lifetime love of animals led Hanne to start the business. From pet care to helping problem pets, Hanne wanted to create a company that gave owners a place to turn to for expert advice, up-to-date training and behavioural support with first class service.

Sarah Pinkstone BA (Hons) – a lifelong dog owner and fanatic, is passionate about creating a calm, safe and fun relationship between dogs and their owners. With animal welfare a primary motivator, Sarah loves to see a challenging situation solved and replaced by a loving and rewarding friendship between dog and family.  

Sarah is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) – a qualified and approved trainer.  As part of Sarah’s continued development, she is currently working on the Dog Trainer Comprehensive course by Karen Pryor, working towards her ABTC-ATI status.

Sarah’s friendly, calm, and people-focused demeanour makes her an asset to our team and clients, whether human or canine.

Nicola Cotterill – Executive Assistant to Hanne Grice

At the heart of our team is Nicola Cotterill, the Executive Assistant to Hanne Grice. A devoted animal enthusiast, Nicola shares her life with her cherished dogs, Ronny and Blue and ex-racehorse, Ella.

Nicola is pivotal in managing Hanne’s schedule, ensuring seamless coordination and efficiency. Her responsibilities extend to handling client interactions and managing queries with the utmost professionalism. Nicola’s calm and methodical demeanour not only enhances our team dynamics but also enriches our clients’ experiences. Nicola’s contribution is instrumental in maintaining our team’s high standards and productivity, making her an indispensable part of our journey towards nurturing pet-owner relationships.

How can we help?

This lovely lady knew from the beginning of the phone call that my mother was out of her area but she spent a long time discussing our rescue dog’s issues. She gave her time and expertise, and the suggestions she made instantly helped. What an expert. Thank you so much.

Felicity Amswych


  • BBWA 2021 silver award
  • CorporateLiveWire Global Awards winner 2021/22 award
  • Lux Pet Product and Services 2021 award
  • CorporateLiveWire Oxfordshire Prestige Award - Dog Trainer of the Year 2020-22 two-times winner
  • BBWA 2015 finalist award
  • Scoot Headline Award winner 2015


  • Victoria Stillwell Academy Dog Training Mentor badge
  • PPGuild Member badge
  • IAABC Supporting badge
  • Victoria Stillwell Academy Faculty Advisor badge
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