I’m so excited you’re interested in my online Learning Hub.

This is a Hub that I have designed exclusively for pet owners who want to improve their knowledge of animal behaviour and training, so they can be rock star owners. When we’re more aware of how animals think, learn, and what motivates them, we can achieve greater training results. In turn, this creates a stronger pet-owner relationship, and what could be better than that? The Hub also has bespoke assessed courses for animal professionals who want to develop their knowledge and understanding further. Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour an approved iPET Network Professional Development Recognition Training Provider, a member and approved Training Provider of the CPD Certification Service, plus approved and recognised course[s] with Kids Around Dogs (KAD) organisation.   

To access the online Learning Hub, click onto the button and let your learning journey begin.

To access the online Learning Hub, click onto the button – let your learning journey begin.

Over the coming weeks you will see more courses added onto the online Learning Hub from cat behaviour and problems to courses that give owners a better understanding of human-animal relationships.

For animal professionals – continued personal development takes the learning process an extra step, allowing you to focus on specific skills and develop your knowledge and understanding. We have a number of bespoke assessed and recognised courses that address key challenges we face when working within the field of animal behaviour, welfare, management, and training. Our first course for professionals is now live and more are being added across the year. When you have completed your approved course, you will receive your Certification of Completion and will be eligible for special offers on additional CPD courses.

The first course launched for pet owners is the Puppy Package. This is a modular online course where owners can learn how to have a sociable, confident pup and develop key foundation skills to set their puppies up for success. This includes to ‘how to’ videos, troubleshooting advice, handouts, step-by-step training, and more. This really is a go-to course for all expectant puppy parents and new puppy owners.

Our first course launched for practitioners is Human Behaviour Change for Animal Professionals – a recognised and approved course by iPet Network, the CPD Certification Service, and Kids Around Dogs (KAD) organisations having gone through each of their assessment process. This course provides animal practitioners with the necessary knowledge and understanding as to what influences human behaviour change, and how to achieve it, so you can be more successful in helping your clients understand differing perspectives/attitudes (e.g., relating to their animals), and embrace new ideas, such as different handling methods or ways of thinking about their situation. In turn, this helps improve the outcomes for their animal[s] where you have increased the likelihood of client collaboration and cooperation.

iPet Network Provider: 2307080
The CPD Certification Service: 017836

Everything. So lucky and grateful to have found such a positive, intuitive trainer and wonderful human being. Both Max and I have learnt so much. We came to Hanne when Max was a young teen and have never looked back, participating in classes, one on one and workshops and have learnt much every time. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Sue Sami

Hanne’s advice and support in the early days of our pup has been amazing. In a world where everyone has hints and tips – Hanne has removed all the confusion and given us confidence in what we should be focusing on. I can’t recommend Hanne enough. We only wish we were close enough to attend training classes! 10/10 from us!

David Gallagher

10 years ago we brought Hanne in to help us tame our two 1yr old Golden Girl twins. We were amazed that within minutes they were both walking calmly, either side of Hanne around the courtyard. I'm sure any neighbours watching would have been amazed too. When we got our puppy this year Hanne was the first person we called to get it right from the start. Her insight is incredible – training us to train the dog in the right way. Rewards. Not punishment. When unwanted behaviour: Distraction and reward. Not punishment. Often we as owners are not aware that we may be triggering unwanted behaviour in our pets. I cannot recommend Hanne enough. Her bespoke and individual advice is invaluable.

Anne Marie Foss

We have just graduated stage 1 puppy classes with our young Romanian rescue dog Amber. Hanne has been so informative, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our weekly classes with her. The hall set up was great. There was constant help given from Hanne and her team. Everyone was welcomed from the get-go and it was a lovely set up for all. We cannot wait to get booked onto stage 2! I would highly recommend Hanne's training classes to dogs of all ages. Amber has learnt so much during the past 6 weeks and it's been a great way to build on our relationship. So proud of our girl and all other class members. Well done all THANK YOU HANNE x

Jessica Rose

Absolutely loved training my puppy with Hanne and can’t wait to start stage 2… such a calm way of teaching and it works …

Angelina Visciano

We loved the clear instructions and progressive nature of your classes. As well as how much fun me and my dog had. We always came away feeling positive and more confident. Would highly recommend. Thank you x x

Sarah Pinkstone

To access the Online learning hub, click onto the button – let your learning journey begin.


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