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Every so often a survey is released by insurers aimed at grabbing the headlines – and ASDA Money’s recent survey did just that.  Pet owners were asked a series of questions relating to food purchases for themselves and their four-legged friends.  The results suggested over half of all pet owners put their dog’s health above their own.

The most common concern amongst pet parents surveyed related to the nutritional benefits of the food they bought for their dog, followed by brand and cost.  By contrast, when shopping for themselves, most respondents stated flavour was the key consideration to their purchase, and nutritional benefits were only an important factor to a third of those surveyed.

During the festive season our houses are filled with tasty, fatty foods such as chocolate.  The results indicated over a third of pet owners had fed their dog both chocolate and cheese – even though over half of respondents claimed to know ‘some’ of the food items which can be toxic for dogs to eat. (Read more about the festive dangers your pet should avoid by clicking here).

Finally, most owners also admitted to feeding their dog before themselves, even if they were hungry.

Little is known as to the number of respondents surveyed and the methodology behind research, meaning the results may be skewed.  Nevertheless, the survey appears to highlight that we are a nation of dog lovers, putting our pet’s health and hunger before ourselves.

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