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Traditional training versus Modern methods

It was only a few centuries ago that scientists and philosophers believed dogs were dumb animals incapable of thought.  Descartes, suggested dogs had no intelligence, reasoning or consciousness, instead they were controlled by physical reflexes and unthinking responses to things…
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Dogs can recognise human faces

There’s nothing better than being reunited with your pooch when you’ve been away; and You Tube is awash with such…
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So your dog humps?

I was speaking with one of my students at Puppy & Dog School and the discussion of mounting cropped up. …
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Taking the lead on responsible dog ownership – Gazette – Jun’15

Back in February 2015, Hanne and her team organised a workshop presented by solicitor Trevor Cooper – the UK’s top…
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60 Seconds Interview – Living Magazine Summer ’15

Read the ’60 Seconds Interview with Hanne Grice’, featured in the latest Living magazine (Summer 2015, Rosewood Publishing). Click onto…

Stress in dogs – what we can’t see

A large part of my work involves teaching pet owners to recognise the signs of stress.  After all, if we…
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Dogs recognise happy and angry faces

As many of my clients will testify, I am always wittering on about the importance of how you ‘look and…

Can our pets predict earthquakes?

Unfortunately large earthquakes cause severe damage to property and people. Often they occur without warning and can be difficult to…
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Film has influenced breed choice over the years

Art, literature and entertainment has greatly influenced our thinking leading to the anthropomorphism of dogs; I call this ‘The Lassie…
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Shock collars present welfare risk to dogs

It is estimated that close to 500,000 dog owners in the UK use electronic collars (e-collars). With around to 170…

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