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Why do dogs wink?

Dogs have a  flexible behavioural repertoire and among the many gestures they exhibit, the act of winking is one that stands out because we can only surmise its origins, meanings and significance. So, why do dogs wink? What the science…

Understanding Dog Stretching: From Greetings to Pain Signals

Dogs, much like humans, have a natural inclination to stretch. This behaviour is not only a sign of comfort and…

Mirroring and matching in dogs

Most people know I’m almost obsessive when it comes to how animals communicate, especially canine and feline body language.  And…
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Animal signalling: mice sing duets to woo one another

Move over Michael Bublé, there’s a new crooner in town… In 1871, Darwin noted sexual selection gave rise to the…
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Misunderstanding can lead to dog bites

In my role as a behaviour specialist, I’m often called into homes where owners have been bitten by their dogs;…

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