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Dogs recognise happy and angry faces

As many of my clients will testify, I am always wittering on about the importance of how you ‘look and sound’ when interacting with your dog. Never is this so important when training, for example recall. After all, who wants…
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New Year resolutions – 5 tips to get fit with your dog

For many of us the New Year marks a fresh start with promises that “this is the year I will…”.…

Can our pets predict earthquakes?

Unfortunately large earthquakes cause severe damage to property and people. Often they occur without warning and can be difficult to…
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Press Release: Now we can find out what our pet really thinks of us

UK’s leading Animal Communicator & Pet Psychic is coming to Tring With the school half term just around the corner,…

Hot weather safety tips for pets

We’ve had a lovely few days with the warm weather, however, while we have the luxury of changing into shorts…
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Dogs can determine another’s size by the sound it makes

Most people know that a dog’s sense of smell is superior and from a scentmark they can detect all sorts…
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Puppy classes Berkhamsted & Tring

So, you’ve got a new puppy and you are planning to start puppy classes because you know good puppy classes…

Cold weather – tips for pet owners

With the recent drop in temperature it’s important that not only you wrap up warm and take precautions when outside…
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The look of love – dogs recognise their owner’s faces

A new study led by the University of Padua in Italy has shown how much dogs rely on seeing their…
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Dogs imitate owners

Many of my clients and puppy class students will often hear me discuss how their behaviour can impact their dog’s…

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