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It is not too late to come and join the Walk the Dog team on Saturday 3rd July and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Ashridge.

We’re organising an approximate 3 miles walk around this stunning estate, giving clients and friends the chance to talk to the Walk the Dog team and meet other clients and their pets. It’s free to enter and the walking route will be provided on the day, plus you’ll also get a *goodie bag for you and your pet!

If you would like to join us, please download and complete the registration form (Word format) or (PDF format).

Route Details

Red Route – this is suitable for puppies, elderly or infirm dogs, pushchairs and wheelchair users. This is mainly flat terrain and is approximately 1 mile. You will need to turn around and walk back the same way when you reach the crossroads.

Blue Route – this is suitable for fit and healthy adult dogs. This route is a little more challenging with varying terrains and involves walking through woodland and fields. This route takes you around in a loop, back to the start. Note: walkers must follow the Red Route in order to complete the Blue Route.

WTD team members will lead you around the Red and Blue Routes to help avoid anyone getting lost! We’ll also have a WTD team member on standby at The Monument, our information and meeting point. You can arrange to wait here for the rest of your walking party.

Useful information

  • There are no dog waste bins on the Ashridge Estate. The National Trust asks dog owners to kick any poop into the undergrowth and cover it over. Otherwise, they request dog owners to pick up any waste and take it home.
  • Dogs are allowed off the lead if they are kept under close control. There’s a lot of wildlife on the Estate including deer. So, if your dog isn’t great with recall or likes to chase animals, it’s best to keep him on the lead.
  • When walking through areas where farm animals are grazing, please keep dogs on a lead.
  • Please close gates behind you and take your rubbish home.
  • Parking is free. Toilets are located at the Visitors Centre, close to The Monument.
  • If you’re feeling thirsty or hungry, WTD recommends the Valiant Trooper Pub, 29 Trooper Road, Aldbury, Herts HP23 5RW. (T) 01442 851 203. The pub is dog friendly and close to the walking route.

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