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As the King’s Coronation draws near, many households may be gearing-up to celebrate this event. This might include street parties, welcoming visitors to our home, fireworks, food, drinking, dancing and fun. However, whilst we may be having a super time – the sights, sounds, smells and vibrations from loud party music, cheers, sudden bangs, and interactions with people that may or may not be known to our pets, can make this a scary time for companion animals. Here are some quick tips on how to help your pets on Coronation Day.

Plan ahead

Giving your pets time to adjust to any changes in routine is important ahead of any planned event such as the Coronation. For example, where you may be creating a new ‘chill out’ space – we want to help our pets learn to love this area, or where you may have small animals living outside – we may want to consider bringing them indoors in case of fireworks, yet they may have had no previous history of being in the home. Hence, planning ahead enables you to:

  • build positive associations where you may be creating separation via baby gates, room dividers, establishing a ‘chill out’ space
  • enable small animals to adjust to being inside
  • create your own food enrichment toys
  • check the boundaries of your home to avoid any escapes should our pet get spooked
  • ensure your pet’s microchip is up-to-date
  • make any purchases such as additional bedding for small animals to borrow into, any new toys etc
  • arrange for pet sitting so your animals can be supervised and feel safe, if you intend to be out of the home. This reduces the risk of our furry, feathered or scaly friends feeling uneasy or scared should any sudden sounds or situations occur
  • speak with your vet about pheromone diffusers and/or other options to help your pet better cope, which may then need to be ordered in
  • chat to and manage visitor expectations about your pet[s], so they understand that animals should have the choice to interact and be left alone when in their chill-out space

With successful planning and preparation, you and your pets can have a happy Coronation Day!

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