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Our four-legged friends stand on their toes, ankles in the air with their knees forward.  Imagine doing that all day and you will have a better idea of the weight and stress Fido puts on his muscles and joints.  It takes lots of energy, strength, and flexibility to chase squirrels, scratch behind ears, wrestle with playmates or leap for toys.  And, if you have a dog involved in sports and activities – whether that is agility, fly ball, showing or he is simply your running partner, then knowing how to maintain your pet’s health and wellbeing is vital.

Yet, for some of our four-legged friends, underlying medical problems can go undetected for many weeks, months – even years – and this can lead to a change in our pooch’s behaviour.  Fido may no longer leap for joy at the sight of his lead, or tolerate a big fuss.  Dogs, much like us, can suffer from muscle and joint pain, and this can become a bigger issue as they age.

I believe there are a number of holistic approaches that can compliment veterinary treatment and /or behaviour modification programmes, and that’s why we caught up with Galen Myotherapist Caroline Durrant, to find out more about this fascinating treatment.  Watch our four-part interview below.

How did you get into Galen?

How does Galen actually work?

Is Galen just for dogs? And, what do you consider is the greatest benefit of Galen for animals?

Caroline’s biography
Caroline is a certified Galen Practitioner and Agility Instructor.  She has 3 dogs of her own and numerous competitive wins under her belt in the world of Agility.  These include: winning up to Champ, UKA and Grade 5 level, claiming the top spot in various rescue leagues and the Kennel Club’s starters challenge semi-final taking her into the final at Discover Dogs in the London Arena.

To help maintain and support her own dogs’ health, Caroline discovered the world of Galen and immediately saw the benefits and got hooked.  After studying for several years, Caroline qualified as a Galen Practitioner in 2014.

Galen Myotherapy is a specific therapy specialising in the treatment of dogs with postural and loading issues, damaged or injured muscle and allied soft tissue. Muscle pain is often underestimated and sometimes difficult to diagnose and treat.  To find your nearest Galen Practitioner, visit

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