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Clinical Animal Behaviourist and certified trainer, Hanne Grice, recently celebrated a significant achievement, securing Silver Awards in two prestigious categories at the Best Businesswomen Awards 2023. The award categories were Best Animal Services and Best Customer Services, highlighting Hanne’s dedication to both animal welfare and client satisfaction.

The awards night unfolded on Friday, 22nd September, at the Hilton Wembley in London. It was an evening dedicated to recognising talented, tenacious, and dedicated female entrepreneurs making a real impact on their industries. The Best Businesswomen Awards, running since 2015, have been a platform celebrating the triumphs, challenges, and achievements of women across a wide range of business categories.

About Hanne Grice:

Hanne Grice is the founder of the award-winning company, Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour. With a Master of Science (Distinction) in Animal Behaviour and Training, Hanne has a proven track record in successfully helping pet owners overcome problem behaviours through a kind and calm approach. Her methods focus on positive training, helping owners understand their pets better and promoting good behaviour with remarkable results.

Hanne offers a range of services including 1:1 animal training sessions, in person and virtual behavioural consultancy services, business and mentoring consultancy for students, trainers, and other animal professionals. Additionally, Hanne has designed an exclusive learning hub for pet owners and professionals to improve their knowledge of animal behaviour and training. She also lectures for University Centre Bishop Burton, leading the MSc Animal Behaviour Consulting, and Human-Animal Interactions & Psychology modules. Hanne is passionate about raising the standards of professional practice across the animal behaviour and training sector, consequently, she sits on the Animal Behaviour and Training Council Board of Trustees, peer reviews articles and proposals for journals and book publishers, and in her spare time supports the Blue Cross with Educational Speaker visits in and around the community, plus helps children overcome their fear of dogs.

Awards and Achievements:

The recent double Silver Award win at the Best Businesswomen Awards adds to Hanne’s growing list of accolades, showcasing her commitment to excellence in animal services and customer satisfaction. And these awards reflect Hanne’s commitment to nurturing pet-owner relationships and contributing to the field of animal sciences. As Hanne continues to make strides in her field, her knowledge and expertise remain invaluable to both pet owners and the wider community.

Contact: for more information about Hanne Grice and her services, please visit Details about the Best Businesswomen Awards can be found at

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