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How to Speak Dog and Understand Nutrition Workshop

Saturday 28th May

Now the Bank Holiday is upon us most of us will be spending more time at home with the family and there may be more people around than usual, this could lead to confusion for the family pet.  Some dogs react differently to changes in the daily routine which can lead to misunderstanding and lead to dogs becoming confused and even affect their behaviour.

Hanne Grice is a dog behaviour specialist and runs an award winning pet behavioural company.  She holds specific workshops to help people better understand their dogs and generally help the four legged friends in our lives deal with any demands or changes to the usual routine.

Hanne says: “Most dog owners will recognise when their dog is fearful or happy.  However, the language of dog can be subtle ranging from a glance, tensing of muscles or a slight shift in the dog’s posture to something more obvious, such as a play bow or a loud bark.  And, canine communication can be complex; a given gesture may have multiple distinct meanings depending on the situation and the accompanying behaviours, and if we misinterpret these signals, this may lead to misunderstanding and even dog bites.“

Dogs communicate all the time through a combination of visual, verbal and olfactory cues and signals.  Like humans, much of dogs’ communication is sent through their body language, particularly facial expressions and body posture.  Yet in the language of ‘dog’, there are no language barriers; dogs from different countries and different breeds will typically recognise the visual and vocal signals of another dog when it is feeling upset, anxious, fearful, tired, disinterested, frustrated, excited, happy and playful.

The workshops also cover our pets nutrition.  Recent findings show that when it comes to our pets nutrition its revealed that around 2.4million dogs are mainly fed on scraps or leftovers, instead of nutritionally balanced dog food

Jan Millington is part of the UK team of Oscar Pet Foods Nutritional Advisors and in addition to delivering food, will tailor products to suit an animal’s digestion and age, as well as aid specific problems, such as skin irritation, poor coat, allergies and obesity.

Jan says: “As the owner of several animals myself, I understand that in order for each to be healthy and happy, diet must be tailored to suit their individual bodies and lifestyles. I know from experience that Oscar Pet Foods provides quality produce that can be matched to suit pet’s different requirements.”

Oscar Pet Foods has an honest label policy also ensures all individual ingredients and a 100% analysis of the foods are clearly stated on the bag to help individuals choose the correct lifestyle diet for each pet.

In the first part of this workshop, Hanne will be decoding dog’s communication signals, using video footage and stills, helping owners better understand the language of dog and recognise early warning signs of stress, so they can interpret their pet’s emotional state.  When we have a better understanding of how our dog feels, what he is trying to communicate to us, we can achieve a stronger and happier relationship with our dog

In the second part of the workshop, Jan will be unravelling what the labels on your pet’s food really means, and also discuss the importance of a well balance diet for a happy and healthy pet.

  • The How to Speak Dog and Understand Nutrition workshop will be help at The Westwick Room, Leverstock Green Village Hall, Village Centre, Leverstock Green, Hertfordshire HP3 8QG on Saturday 28th May from 11am and finishes around 1.45pm
  • Tickets are priced at £15 and available for purchase from Walk the Dog (t) 01442 878628 / 07976 743031
  • Oscar Pet Food products contain no artificial colourants, only natural coloured oxides which act as a source of minerals and are not harmful. Artificial preservatives are avoided and antioxidants, such as natural Vitamin E are used.
  • All Oscar Pet Foods products are developed in conjunction with its team of fully qualified animal nutritionists who have over 40 years experience in the industry.

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