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Emma joined our team back in the summer, thrown into the deep end with a six hour lecture on fighting dogs – we’re kind like that. 😉  A former Photography researcher with Pinewood now working in aerospace, we asked Emma to go ‘under the spot light’, so you can get to know her better…

Emma’s Quick Profile:

Age: 44
Resides: Aylesbury
Any children? No but I have 2 fur kids called Missy & Merlin
Passions: Animals, Holistic therapy, Voluntary work at Blackberry Farm RSPCA Centre, Yoga & Body Jam dance classes!
Favourite dog breed: I have always loved gun dog breeds but have a soft spot for Border Collies and Cockapoos!
Favourite walk: My parents live in North Devon and I love taking their Sprollie ‘Lily’ for long walks on the local beaches when I visit, Woolacoombe beach on Boxing Day is wonderful.

 Under the Spotlight Interview with Emma Tanaka

  1. You’ve had a varied career, so what encouraged you to join us at Puppy & Dog School? I’ve always wanted to work with animals, particularly dogs, and would love to combine this with my holistic therapy skills and experience.  When my good friend Lauren told me about this opportunity I jumped at the chance to gain more experience handling dogs and to understand their body language and behaviour.  Hanne has since introduced me to an amazing therapy called Galen Canine Myotherapy which is just what I’ve been looking for! I’m excited to be starting my training very soon.
  2.  As an animal lover, tell us a little about some of the pets you’ve owned over the years?  I grew up with many family pets and there has always been a dog in the house since the day I was born!  We’ve had many other small furries including 8 guinea pigs and we also had tropical fish.  My favourite dog growing up was a Cocker Spaniel/Gordon Setter cross called ‘Rory’ who was part of the family through my teens to my University days.  I now have two lovely cats, both rescued from Blackberry Farm in Quainton.  Missy is a cute and cuddly black & white ‘tuxedo’ cat, Merlin is a black Maine Coon cross, who despite his size, is a real gentle giant!
  3. What do you enjoy most about your job?  Every week I learn something new about canine body language and communication!  I also really enjoy seeing the puppies personalities and skills develop from week to week as they grow not only in size but in confidence too.
  4. You currently work in the aerospace engineering industry which is very male dominated. Who’s easier to work with men or animals?  That’s a tricky one… both can usually be swayed by the temptation of food!
  5. What would you say is your biggest learning since joining the team?  I’ve learned how important it is to nurture the relationship you have with your puppy, they need care, guidance, patience and reassurance, much like a human baby does.  I’ve also seen first-hand how training can help build a strong mutual bond and enrich the relationship and life that you share together.

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  • BBWA 2021 silver award
  • CorporateLiveWire Global Awards winner 2021/22 award
  • Lux Pet Product and Services 2021 award
  • CorporateLiveWire Oxfordshire Prestige Award - Dog Trainer of the Year 2020-22 two-times winner
  • BBWA 2015 finalist award
  • Scoot Headline Award winner 2015


  • Victoria Stillwell Academy Dog Training Mentor badge
  • PPGuild Member badge
  • IAABC Supporting badge
  • Victoria Stillwell Academy Faculty Advisor badge
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